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my last entry here...
October 09, 2009, 1:34 p.m.

Dear loyal readers,

Today marked my last entry here at diaryland portal. I�ve started in Dec 2002 ~ so it is around 7 years totaling to 413 entries in total. And it has been a great 7 years.

Reading back my past entries (coz I�m in the midst of exporting all of it), I found out that some entries were stupid and too teenager; yet it reflected my mind at that time � so trying hard not to delete it :). Yet, there were also a lot of meaningful entries.

The 7 years covered my years in U.S (a lot of entries about the Preschool I worked at), some traveling entries, entries about Man United *mestilah kan*, some trivia entries about movies and music, and of course a lot of entries about my husband (my then boyfriend). This year, the topic included motherhood and our darling baby as well.

Thank you diaryland for being a very good host all this while. I have nothing against them; I just need something new for a refresh.

I�ve thought of doing this since early this year but hubby said he only allows it if I move all that 400+ entries with me. That has been delaying my plan. Yet when Yasmin Ahmad passed away, I made my decision to move. *what is the correlation between Yasmin and my move, I will elaborate later as it is another whole story*.

Anyway, I cannot find solution to move my archives automatically; hence I�m in the midst of exporting. I�m targeting to finish it by this year, bear with me.

Thank you for sharing my happiness and sadness, thank you for giving advices and support all throughout this time.

With effect from October 2009, I�ll be blogging from WORDPRESS. Here's the link:-My New Home

See you there!

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